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Watch as Shivani Vohra, Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst, Parnassus Investments, discusses the outlook for growth stocks in 2023 and whether now is a good time to buy.

Some of the questions that are addressed:

  • What kind of characteristics are you looking for that are positive for the outlook on growth stocks? Conversely, what red flags would cause you to avoid companies?
  • There is a debate on whether the big-cap tech stocks will continue to see strong growth once the economy rebounds, or whether they are maturing into blue chips with steady profits and lower growth. Where do you stand on that?
  • How do you think about the time horizon for investments in the fund, given the market volatility and the lack of visibility around the depth or length of any recession that lies ahead?
  • If now is a good time to buy growth stocks, why should investors consider large-cap stocks over smaller stocks with might have more growth potential?


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