More than 60% of families in the U.S. do not have a plan to protect their loved ones. Estate planning can have several moving parts, and many people get turned off by the process. But, Trust & Will is on a mission to make estate planning simple and affordable—with the end goal to make it accessible to everyone.

In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack content and solutions, speaks with Andres Mazabel, head of advisor sales at Trust & Will, about how they’ve helped streamline estate planning for thousands of advisors.

Shannon and Andres discuss:

  • How advisors can incorporate estate planning into their practice
  • Why more Americans need to get their trust and estate “house” in order
  • Why the demand for estate planning is booming among millennials
  • What the great wealth transfer means for advisors in the context of estate planning

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About Our Guest:

Andres Mazabel is the Head of Advisor Sales at Trust & Will. After spending 10+ years in private banking, he’s now on a mission to help advisors implement estate planning and deliver more comprehensive planning. Andres views estate planning as a huge opportunity for financial advisors to deepen relationships, add value, and implement legacy planning conversations. Trust & Will now works with over 8,000 financial advisors nationwide to help solve the fact that more than 60% of individuals don’t have an estate plan in place.



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