Dreams, A Swedish Fintech Company, Changes Its Vision To Business-To-Business

Dreams, A Swedish Fintech Company, Changes Its Vision To Business-To-Business

Dreams AB, a leader in engagement banking solutions and a platform for financial well-being, today announces the creation of a new company called Dreams Technology. This move reflects the company’s ongoing expansion into the B2B market.

Dreams Technology is building on the achievement of its consumer platform to expand into the B2B space and focus exclusively on providing its proprietary financial wellbeing technology as a white-labelled and embedded B2B solution to banks worldwide. Dreams Technology first launched as a B2C money-saving app in the Nordics in 2016, where it has helped over 500,000 users become better at saving, investing, and debt management.

Dreams AB has been divided into two distinct B2C and B2B businesses due to the brand refresh. The B2C division is now rebranding as Dreams Sustainable, a joint venture with the BNP Paribas Group. The holding company for Dreams Technology and Dreams Sustainable is still called Dreams AB.

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The B2B arm of Dreams, Dreams Technology, helps banks increase revenues by boosting consumer engagement with their banking applications, drawing in new target markets, and addressing ESG goals while enhancing the financial security of their customers. Financial institutions can boost assets under management and savings under management by encouraging customers to save and invest more, lower default rates (which is especially important right now given the cost-of-living crisis), and fulfil their ESG commitment by successfully assisting customers in lowering their carbon footprints by leveraging Dreams Technology’s comprehensive offering.

The Dreams platform was developed in collaboration with leading behavioural scientists from psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural economics. To convey radical new ways to boost banking customers’ digital engagement and financial wellbeing, the company invested over eight years of scientific research with eight leading global institutions and more than 30 external researchers.

The Dreams Technology engagement banking platform was created to initiate intrinsic motivation and drive sustainable transformation in banking customers by closing the intention-action gap, creating positive and impactful financial behaviours, and making money more emotional, accessible, and practical for everyone.

Market leaders like BNP Paribas Group and Mastercard were early adopters of Dreams Technology’s engagement banking solutions.

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