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Introduction To FinTech:

The term “FinTech,” which is short for “Financial Technology,” refers to the software, mobile applications, and other technologies created to enhance and automate the traditional financial services offered to both businesses and consumers. FinTech can include everything from straightforward mobile payment apps to complex blockchain networks that maintain encrypted transaction data.

Why To Educate In FinTech?

Offerings of financial services have undergone a digital transformation that will be remembered in history. It’s essential to keep learning new skills and gain knowledge in order to be competitive in the current economy that is continuously evolving.

Institution Name: University of Birmingham

Course Name: MSc Financial Technology

Important Note:

  • 1 July 2022 is the application deadline for International Students applying through the student route who wish to study in the UK. Applications will not be considered for 2022 made after the deadline.
  • The application deadline for Home (UK) Students is 31 August 2022.

Start Date: September

Duration: 1 year full-time

Course Type: Postgraduate, Taught

Fees For 2022/23:

  • £19,170 (Home – UK)
  • £30,001 (International)

Who Should Take Up This Course?

  • Top-performing graduates in the field of finance, engineering, economics, and science
  • Those who are currently employed in the FinTech sector and want to improve their expertise
  • Those with a related academic background who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in this industry

Why Study FinTech In The University of Birmingham?

The 2nd largest city in the United Kingdom (UK) for finance services firms is Birmingham. More than a 100 businesses are presently engaged in the Financial Technology industry, and the Midlands has been highlighted as a key growth engine for the industry. Less than two hours separate you from London, the hub of the world’s financial system. You can meet and network with top international organizations thanks to our close ties to important employers in the finance sector. We are ranked first for being sought after by the best employers in the UK.

Course Syllabus:

Core modules:

  • Big Data Management in Finance (Semester 2)
  • Blockchain Technologies, Financial Applications and Cyber Security (Semester 2)
  • Corporate Finance (Semester 1)
  • Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis (Semester 1)
  • Programming for Data Science (Semester 1)
  • Individual Project (Semester 2)

Optional modules:

  • Private Equity and Venture Finance (Semester 2)
  • Risk Management in Financial Markets (Semester 2)
  • Visualization (Semester 2)

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