FinTech Journey Of Success: London-based investing platform, Tulipshare

Tulipshare, is an investment platform that allows regular investors to make investments that promote changes ethically as well as socially. Activist shareholder isn’t something brand new, however, Tulipshare provides a chance to have a significant impact. This investment platform gives investors the option to make their investments match with their own opinions instead of viewing it as a passive occupation.

Company Overview:

  • Tulipshare was founded in the year 2020;
  • Headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom;
  • Founder:
    • Antoine Argouges, who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO);
  • Team:
    • Andrey Kopylov, who is the company’s Frontend Jedi;
    • Timur Garifzianov, who is the company’s Chief Product Officer;
    • Max Barinov, who is the company’s Head of Frontend and Techno King;
    • Myfanwy Morgan-Jones, who is the company’s Researcher and Analyst;
    • Gleb Goncharenko, who is the company’s Back-end developer;
    • Valery Kuznetsov, who is the company’s Back-end developer;
  • The number of employees working at the firm is around 25.
  • The firm has had two fundraising rounds, where it managed to raise a sum total of around 11.8 Million US Dollars.

Company Expertise:

  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing;
  • Activist shareholder;
  • Impact Investments;
  • Active Shareholders (Ownership);

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Fundraising Rounds and Investors:

  • In the month of July, 2021, the company had its Seed funding round, where it raised around 730 Thousand Pound Sterling (GBP). The investor of this round was:
    • Vienna-based early-stage Venture Capital (VC) company, Speedinvest;
  • In the month of December, 2021, the company had another Seed funding round, where it raised around 10.8 Million US Dollars. The investors of this round were:
    • Vienna-based early-stage Venture Capital (VC) company, Speedinvest;
    • Paris-based Venture Capital (VC) and private equity company, Eurazeo;
    • Paris-based video game developer and publisher tech firm, Voodoo SAS;
    • France-based free smartphone application company, Zenly;
    • Chicago-based enterprise-grade blockchain analytics platform company, FRST;

Tulipshare was founded with a straightforward goal of enabling small-scale investors to make use of their finances to support moral changes. Retail investors, who are individuals or non-professional investors, can now participate in activist drives to transform public limited firms from within because of Tulipshare’s investment platform.

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