Journey With Blockchain: Massachusetts-based Web 3.0 Platform, Mojito

Mojito, is a Web 3.0 platform that is based in Massachusetts, founded in the year 2021 by Matthew Iles who is currently the firm’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Amanda Gutterman, and Amanda Cassatt who is at present the President of the firm. The Blockchain-based company provides a solution that works throughout tokenized client engagement as well as completely branded Non-fungible Token (NFT) markets. 

Mojito had its seed funding round in the month of October, 2021, where it was valued at around 100 Million US Dollars. The investors for this fundraising round were:

  • New York-based early stage Venture Capital (VC) company, Future/Perfect Ventures, as one of the leading investors;
  • New York-based multinational company, globally known as the prime destination and the biggest brokers of luxury and fine art, Sotheby’s, as one of the leading investors;
  • California-based Venture Capital (VC) firm, Avant Global LLC;
  • New York-based Venture Capital (VC) company, Moore Strategic Ventures LLC;
  • United States-based investment firm, Ancient;
  • Chicago-based Venture Capital (VC) company, CMT Digital Ventures;
  • London-based Venture Capital (VC) firm, Connect Ventures;
  • Chicago-based Investment company, Sfermion.

This Web 3.0 platform links users with owners of the Non-fungible Token (NFT), who provide accessibility to content, premium products, events, and so on. Enterprises are able carry out transactions by making use of Mojito’s Non-fungible Token (NFT) platform to leverage bank transfers, cryptocurrency, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, and a number of other open-ended techniques. 

Mojito is breakthrough marketing and product studio company, Serotonin’s, earliest projects to be qualified. Furthermore, the Web 3.0 platform is supported by renowned Venture Capital companies, partners, and professionals in the industry. It creates solutions that open up Blockchain Technology to the general public by integrating groundbreaking technology with outside-the-box thinking and user insight. A number of the renowned stars in popular culture, branding, and sports now opt for Mojito as a preferred Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace due to its simplicity. 

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