February 3, 2023
LAB Group Announces Strategic Integration Partnership With Kyckr

LAB Group Announces Strategic Integration Partnership With Kyckr

The most popular account opening platform in Australia, LAB Group, reported that it had made a strategic integration collaboration with Kyckr, which is a leading worldwide database verification firm.

Kyckr is a well-known and rapidly expanding Business-to-Business (B2B) data and software firm traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). To lower the risks in business connected with counterparty relationships, which include financial crime, money laundering, and fraud, it combines, organizes, and arranges enterprise data worldwide.

Ian Henderson, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kyckr, said that the partnership between Kyckr and LAB Group would improve Kyckr’s distribution capabilities by utilizing a top-tier standardized platform. Their company sees LAB Group’s services as a great companion for their own, and they look forward to helping their clients validate and integrate customers with more speed and precision.

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LAB Group, Nick Boudrie, said that their company is thrilled to work alongside Kyckr to create a highly strategic integration. To satisfy the intricate criteria and exclusions of corporate clients worldwide, the integration improves their wholesale, institutional, and state-of-the-art investor onboarding contributions. This is a crucial development for LAB Group as they broaden their global reach and strive to innovate an institutional onboarding solution. Kyckr is a collaborator that works well with their prestigious international clients who need options for verification over several jurisdictions.

Jason Marsham, who is the Global Head of Business Development at Lab Group, stated that the accomplishment of this incorporation with Kyckr is a pleasant outcome of a protracted period of worldwide partnership in which they sought to find international growth prospects to offer an original solution to institutional firms that have lagged in the onboarding arena. Having Kyckr as an integration partner was an essential goal for LAB Group as a worldwide database verification firm with a solid product set in over a hundred nations to assist in resolving industry difficulties surrounding UBO and OCDD. Additionally, Kyckr faces intense competition in Australia, which gives Lab Group the chance to grow profitably in their own country.

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