NFTs Are The Secret To Transforming Apathetic Fandom Into A Vibrant Community

NFTs Are The Secret To Transforming Apathetic Fandom Into A Vibrant Community

Web3 communities are being handed over the tools by nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to transform user participation.

The Web3 community has followed the development of NFTs. These digital assets have changed from hype-driven collections of digital art to utility-driven tools constructing the next-generation internet.

One of their most significant benefits is that NFTs are increasingly used as the key to future digital and physical communities. This also holds for already-established communities, such as fan bases for music and sports teams or well-established brands.

Passive fandoms can become active communities with members owning and delegating activity in a living ecosystem thanks to these incentivized digital assets.

The Web3 phenomenon that the inBetweeners project is a part of falls somewhere in the middle. It combines the digital artwork of Gian Piero, who created the iconic Drewhouse clothing line for Justin Bieber and worked as a key to actual hype events like a VIP party at Coachella.

As with many other comparable projects in space, supporters of the artist and well-known individuals associated with the project are now exposed to a new cosmos created through the NFTs.

According to Ogden and Miana Lauren, the co-founder and community manager of inBetweeners, community building through NFTs and the motivation it gives fans.

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Ogden remarked that Miana began as a fan of the collection and was able to elevate that fandom through the engagement made possible by NFTs. He said, “We blindly trusted her because we could see how passionate she was.

According to the co-founder, most of the inBetweeners team and partnerships came from the Discord channel.

“It’s a collective, but at the beginning, it was just a bunch of us sitting around a table. Now it’s people all over the world.”

Miana claimed that her early involvement as a supporter and advocate of the project enriched her current position as a core team member. She claimed that as a community manager, it is simpler to comprehend the fundamental needs of the fan from within the community.

“We can play to their needs and wants, and all come into alignment in these decisions.”

Many newcomers enter the Web3 space through NFTs and other channels like play-to-earn blockchain gaming. However, as Miana noted, there is currently a steep learning curve, particularly for new entrants to the market.

“Once we get over that hump, we can see how efficient these web three solutions are and how everyone will be able to integrate them in their daily life.”

The music industry, which is increasingly utilizing NFTs to transform audiences into communities, is one primary industry where this is already the case.

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