Amazon Has Chosen UpstartWorks To Connect Online Brands With Prime Customers

Amazon Has Chosen UpstartWorks To Connect Online Brands With Prime Customers

UpstartWorks, a leading e-commerce marketing platform for domestic and worldwide companies, said today that it had been chosen by Amazon to boost Buy With Prime. Buy With Prime lets customers purchase things straight from a brand’s direct-to-consumer website. The brands’ websites will include a Buy With Prime button link to Amazon Prime member accounts. Following a purchase, Amazon will dispatch the items with Prime Member perks such as free delivery, tracking, and return options.

“This is a defining moment in e-commerce, creating a significant potential for online businesses to grow their direct-to-consumer company,” said Melonie Carnegie, CEO of UpstartWorks.”

Amazon chose UpstartWorks for its integration skills across several platforms, RPA experience, and access to Amazon and DTC integration requirements. UpstartWorks, one of only four companies allowed to connect brands with Buy With Prime, collaborated with Amazon for over two years to ally a reality.

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Buy with Prime will firstly be accessible by invitation only for merchants using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and will roll out through 2022 as merchants, even those not selling on Amazon or using FBA, are invited to join.

UpstartWorks provides brands with superior logic-based, automation, and AI technologies for e-commerce optimization through a single all-access site. With e-commerce revenues estimated to reach $7.6 trillion by 2028, firms will require cutting-edge technology to maintain market dominance.

“It’s an exciting time for UpstartWorks and its product firm clients. We are excited to be a part of this new e-commerce era and assist premier industrial product firms in building meaningful, profitable momentum across all of their e-commerce platforms.”


UpstartWorks assists industrial businesses in establishing, expanding, and propelling their presence on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. UpstartWorks optimizes brands’ e-commerce profitability by combining a suite of smart technology with a firm grasp of marketplace dynamics. UpstartWorks, focusing on industrial brands, develops commercial buyer strategies, allowing them to reach a broader client base.

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