December 4, 2022
Indian Banks That Offer Digital Banking Services Through WhatsApp

Indian Banks That Offer Digital Banking Services Through WhatsApp

Today, customers are more accommodated to online or digital banking. Additionally, thanks to technological upgradation, bank clients can now access banking or financial services through the centralized instant messaging mobile application, WhatsApp. 

Customers of every leading banking institution can gain access to WhatsApp banking services. The following instructions must be kept in mind to avail yourself the WhatsApp banking services from a few major banks: 

  • HDFC Bank Limited (NSE: HDFCBANK): Clients can chat with the bank easily to take advantage of more than 90 transactions and services available around the clock through {HDFC Bank Chat Banking,” which is the bank’s chat service available on WhatsApp. The service is end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) and secure and is offered by the bank via WhatsApp. Nevertheless, this offer will most be accessible via the client’s phone number registered in the bank. Clients need to enter the “70700 22222” number into their contact list and introduce themselves to begin a chat. 
  • Punjab National Bank (NSE: PNB): Central public sector undertaking, PNB, announced on October 3 that it has started providing banking services on WhatsApp for clients and non-customers to make banking and financial services further accessible. Customers must initially save the PNB’s official WhatsApp number – “919264092640” in their contact list and start a conversation with this phone number by messaging a “Hi” or “Hello” on WhatsApp to activate the banking feature.
  • Bank of Baroda (NSE: BANK BARODA): The Bank of Baroda’s WhatsApp Banking Service, launched recently as a “New Digital Delivery Channel,” is available in English and Hindi on domestic phone numbers in India and also on international mobile numbers of a few nations.

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  • State Bank of India (NSE: SBIN): SBI, not so long ago, launched a banking service on WhatsApp for its clients. To register the customer’s bank account with SBI’s WhatsApp Banking Service, an SMS WAREG A/C No – “917208933148” has to be sent from the client’s registered cellphone number. The customer will be able to use the WhatsApp banking service provided by SBI after completing the registration process.
  • Axis Bank Limited (NSE: AXISBANK): For Customers of Axis Bank to use WhatsApp Banking, the message “Hello” on WhatsApp to “7036165000” to sign up for Axis Bank’s WhatsApp banking service. Clients can access various services upon subscribing, including those for items like Accounts or Cheques, Loans, Credit Cards, and Term Deposits. Non-customers of Axis Bank can use services like “Apply for Products” and find nearby ATMs, Loan Centers, or branches.
  • ICICI Bank Limited (NSE: ICICIBANK): To use the WhatsApp banking service of ICICI Bank, the client must add the phone number – “8640086400” to their contacts list and send the message “Hello” to the bank’s number from their registered phone number. To initiate a conversation, the client may also send the SMS OPTIN or make a missed call to – “9542000030”. This will bring up a safe and interactive menu on the client’s mobile device, thanks to WhatsApp.

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