The Bangalore-based fast growing ecommerce firm, Meesho, is developing an enterprise software solution which is logistics-centric that small and medium-sized sector participants can employ. This will eventually lessen the company’s reliance on various 3rd party logistics providers like Xpressbees, Ecom Express Private Limited, and Delhivery Private Limited, although the product is being built internally still.

Meesho will be able to collaborate in a much closer manner with localized or regional participants that frequently lack software solutions accessibility to handle high volumes of e-commerce shipments. Although the company’s current ecommerce delivery partners would have access to the software solution, it will substantially expand its logistics network.

According to certain sources, the product is internally known as logistics-as-a-platform, and one of Meesho’s main objectives for the current year is to launch it. When it comes to e-commerce shipments, it will look into a number of inadequacies in the supply chain of tier 2 as well as tier 3 regions.

The ecommerce firm made a statement saying that a number of small-scale logistics companies and people are at present unable to engage in the ecosystem since end-to-end logistical abilities have only been developed by a small number of industry participants. Meesho is developing a platform that will give them the functioning expertise, network design proficiency, and accessibility to technology and tools so as to be a member of the network, in keeping the firm’s mission to make a hundred million small-scale companies become successful through online means.

The firm further stated that it will enhance the proficiencies developed by 3rd party logistic enterprises and that it would assist in enlarging the logistics ecosystem in the ecommerce sector as well. Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) companies and ecommerce traders are among the users of platforms that provide a variety of ecommerce shipping software solutions.

As per reports, Meesho is opting for a somewhat slow expansion rate in order to reduce expenses and increase its runway. It brought out new seller guidelines intended to lower returns. The firm has one of the leading rates of return in the sector, which represents a sizable cost center for the company.

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