The Prize Money At Stake In The FIFA Football World Cup In Qatar

The Prize Money At Stake In The FIFA Football World Cup In Qatar

While winning the FIFA football World Cup is priceless for the winner; many would like to know the exact monetary gains from such a win. 

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is debatably the most contentious in world cup history, with condemnation over the predicament of migrant workers in the country and deep concerns regarding LGBTQ+ rights in the Gulf state stirring up an uproar even before the tournament began.

The FIFA World Cup champions will be crowned following the final on December 18 at Lusail Stadium, north of Doha, Qatar. But what are the monetary gains at stake? 

FIFA has increased the prize money for the Qatar World Cup to $440 million from the $400 million allocated for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. 

The winners of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will get $42 million, which is $4 million more compared to what France had been awarded as the winner after defeating Croatia in 2018 in Russia.

The runner-up team in the FIFA tournament will get $30 million, while the teams taking third and fourth place will be awarded $27 million and $25 million in prize money, respectively. Teams eliminated in the quarterfinals will be given $17 million each, while the national football teams eliminated in the second round of FIFA’s top tournament will be awarded $13 million each. Teams eliminated in the group stage will receive $9 million each.

Additionally, all of the 32 football teams that qualified for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar were given an additional $1.5 million each in advance by FIFA to cater to the costs of preparing for the World Cup. 

However, every participating national football teams have its player remuneration package. The pay structure for the US team is outlined in the landmark collective-bargaining deal struck earlier this year by the US National Soccer Team Players Association, the US Women’s National Team Players Association, and the US Soccer Federation. The agreements, which will last until 2028, come after years of pressure for equal pay from the highly successful US women’s team.

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The United States Soccer Federation announced in May that it is the first to equalize the FIFA World Cup prize money awarded to men’s and women’s national teams for participation in their respective World Cups.

The prize money from the 2022 Men’s FIFA World Cup and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which will be conducted in Australia and New Zealand, will be aggregated, with 90% going to the men’s and women’s national teams and 10% going to the US Soccer Federation. Prize money for the 2026 men’s FIFA World Cup and the 2027 women’s FIFA World Cup will also be pooled, with 80% split evenly between the two teams and 20% going to US Soccer.

Individual players will receive $10,000 per FIFA World Cup appearance, in addition to their share of any prize money, under the terms of the agreements.

According to Forbes, if the United States men’s national team exits the World Cup after the first three group games, each player will receive $206,000. Each player will receive $892,00 if they win the World Cup.

After losing its second group game on Sunday, the Canadian team will not advance to the knockout stage in Qatar. According to CTV, the proportion of prize money paid to Canadian players is the subject of ongoing labour negotiations between the players’ association and Canada Soccer, which would result in the first collective-bargaining agreement. According to CTV, pay equity with the Canadian women’s soccer team will be a vital component of the deal, citing the players’ association and Canada Soccer. According to CTV, the Canadian women’s soccer team is negotiating a new contract with Canada Soccer.

The men’s FIFA World Cup has more prize money than the women’s tournament. According to the Associated Press, FIFA President Gianni Infantino has recommended increasing the prize money for women to $60 million for the 2023 World Cup.

According to the Associated Press, FIFA garnered a record $7.5 billion in commercial deals linked to Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup over four years.

The English-language broadcast rights for the Qatar World Cup are held by Fox Sports, owned by Fox Corp., the subsidiary of MarketWatch publisher Dow Jones’ parent company, News Corp. 

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