Is Metaverse Wedding The Future Of Wedding Ceremonies?

Is Metaverse Wedding The Future Of Wedding Ceremonies?

Metaverse weddings, marital vows on the metaverse, and eternal love on the blockchain could become the future of weddings.

The role of technology in our lives has increased over the last few years. Even weddings are now moving into the online world. Online weddings for guests who cannot attend in person had increased in frequency due to the pandemic when many couples opted for videoconferences to conduct their virtual ceremonies. 

But might they also have the option of a metaverse nuptial?

The metaverse is a network of 3D virtual environments with a strong social component. Users can interact in this virtual world on several platforms, including Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium Space. And it will continue to expand. 

By 2024, the market value of the metaverse might be over $800 billion, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. Various new social connection opportunities exist in this virtual environment, including weddings. Two couples who exchanged NFT rings at metaverse weddings highlight this novel and cutting-edge form for the future.

How can metaverse weddings happen?

If and when a couple meets, they can have a metaverse wedding after they get married, even if they are legally wed in a traditional ceremony. While planning a metaverse wedding can be enjoyable, it also gives a couple a chance to reaffirm their vows and extend their union to a multiverse where it would last forever.

A metaverse architect can build a dream venue for a couple on the metaverse. In contrast, avatars of the couple and thousands of attendees can be created to gather around at a metaverse wedding. Some guests’ avatars can be known as relatives, while the rest can be curious strangers. 

Couples can give non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of their pets to guests in place of the customary wedding favor. On a blockchain, some NFTs are closely related to the metaverse. NFTs can be traded online for cryptocurrencies and are linked to the metaverse.

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Are Metaverse Marriages Legal?

Metaverse marriages are not currently enforceable in court. Rose Law Group founder and president Jordan Rose assisted a few metaverse weddings, who said, “The marriage itself is recognizable with the meta-marriage certificate we developed. A novel idea for Web3, the meta-marriage certificate is not a legal document.

But anyone anywhere can view and add to the blockchain, which is eternal. As love ought to be, it is unstoppable, impervious to censorship, and independent of all consent.

Not everyone is as fortunate as those in non-heterosexual, interracial, or other relationships prohibited in their places. While many people have the privilege of being in a relationship accepted by society, not everyone is so fortunate. Blockchain marriage allows people to declare publicly and legally document their love for another person without governmental, religious, or other authorities. Additionally, if a public display is not permitted or safe, one’s marital status on the blockchain can be kept anonymous and private.

Other benefits of a metaverse wedding 

A metaverse wedding is a wonderful way to host a special occasion for a reasonable price, and the couple can choose the location and other event specifics. Metaverse weddings offer a wide range of planning and design options, so one can let their imagination run wild and add many unique details. The first Metaverse Fashion Week took place in Decentraland in March, indicating that couture has already arrived in the metaverse. Even impressive pieces from the most recent couture collection were displayed by designer Elie Saab at its online flagship store. Shortly, other bridal gown companies might create wearables for avatars as well.

And there are countless options regarding the allure of blockchain and metaverse weddings. They are the most well-liked wedding location where everyone can declare their undying love.

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