Possibility Of Microsoft And Netflix Partnering Eco-Friendly Crypto Token IMPT As It Has Had A Presale Of $12 Million

Possibility Of Microsoft And Netflix Partnering Eco-Friendly Crypto Token IMPT As It Has Had A Presale Of $12 Million

In one of the most popular presales on the cryptocurrency market, Impact Project has managed to raise $12 million. According to reports, more partners are being added by the token’s developers, and experts have stated that this could only be the beginning of the token. 

The utility token for Impact Project, IMPT, increased the amount to $12 million in less than a week after passing the $9 million threshold.

With this presale amount, IMPT has officially completed the first phase of its presale. According to current plans, The Impact Project will distribute 660 million tokens for the second presale stage and an additional 540 million for the third stage.

Stage 1 presale pricing for the token was $0.018, and stage 2 pricing was $0.023 per unit. IMPT will trade for $0.028 in the third stage.

Impact Project was established earlier this year and has established partnerships with many well-known figures in numerous industries. Microsoft, Amazon, and Netflix are just a few organizations that have recently joined its affiliate network. These businesses will use the Impact Project as their channel to donate a portion of their assets and earnings to the fight against climate change.

This kind of expansion has made IMPT’s presale one of the most sought-after on the market.

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The blockchain project aims to bring together environmental sustainability initiatives from around the globe and give users an easy way to fund them. The project also allows all users to purchase carbon credits, which they can use to reduce their carbon footprints.

A blockchain-powered tool, Impact Project taps into the potential of technology and applies it to combat the escalating issue of climate change.

The team behind IMPT has the aspirational goal of establishing connections between brands and people, and companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The platform uses blockchain to increase accessibility to carbon offsetting and trading to accomplish this.

A portion of each retailer’s sales using the IMPT widget or app will be donated. They can select the amount they wish to contribute to the platform’s audited environmental, social, and governance (ESG) projects. 

Customers can choose their preferred brands by contrasting each retailer’s sales margins for green projects. Investors will be given IMPT tokens, which they can swap for more carbon credits when they make purchases online using the IMPT widget or through the app.

Even though IMPT is currently producing some impressive gains, other assets might offer worthwhile investment opportunities.

D2T is one cryptocurrency asset that is getting a lot of attention. It serves as the native token for Dash 2 Trade, a platform for research and analytics that aims to profit from the expansion of the cryptocurrency market.

Dash 2 Trade aims to provide cryptocurrency investors with high-quality information and turn into the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto.”

D2T, the native token of the platform, is currently up for presale. And given that the cryptocurrency market is predicted to expand significantly shortly, D2T may represent a tremendous buy opportunity right now.

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