November 30, 2022
Shantanu Rege Named As MD And CEO Of Mahindra Rural Housing Finance

Shantanu Rege Named As MD And CEO Of Mahindra Rural Housing Finance

Mahindra Rural Housing Finance, which is among the major home finance organizations serving rural and affordable regions throughout India as well as a subsidiary of the Indian rural non-banking financial company Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Limited, has designated Shantanu Rege as its Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Shantanu Rege will take the place of Rajnish Agarwal, who left his position on the 30th of September. In 2012, Rege joined the company as the group chairman’s executive assistant. Following this, he joined the rural housing business in 2016 as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). According to a release, he was instrumental in establishing the affordable housing business and creating growth potential inside the rural housing business. Before joining the Mahindra Group, Shantanu Rege worked in Mumbai for the global management consulting company McKinsey & Company and US-based alternative investment management firm Blackstone Inc. He holds a Master of Business Administration or MBA from the graduate business school of Harvard University, Harvard Business School.

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The Vice-chairman and Managing Director (MD) of Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited, Ramesh Iyer, made a statement saying that they are thrilled that Shantanu Rege will be leading their Mahindra Rural Housing Finance company and are looking forward to leveraging his knowledge and vision as they hunt for more innovative and alluring development prospects.

Shantanu Rege made a statement saying that organizations in the rural, as well as affordable housing sectors have enormous prospects for expansion. The Mahindra Rural Housing Finance intends to develop the business in the coming couple of years into a preeminent home finance franchise that meets the housing requirements of various clients using creative approaches and alliances.

According to the report that has come out, Mahindra Rural Housing Finance has made noteworthy strides in all areas, including digital transformation, the institutionalization of solid organizational and human resources processes, and persistently pushing the boundaries of product and geographic exploration.

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